Huang Wei-Hsuan
from Taipei Taiwan

His primarily creates digital images and animations, with a diverse range of formats including theater images, acoustics, and audio-visuals. His works mainly focus on how to use digital photography modeling images to retell a space that once existed or only exists in the imagination, reconstructing the various floating relationships between people and their dwellings in the past and future, and between imagination and reality.

The works have been invited to exhibitions such as the CHRONIQUES: Digital Imagination Biennale, CENTQUATRE-PARIS, Lincoln Center in Colorado, USA, and the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts. Starting in 2019, he began to develop XR projects, co-produced the “Shifting Borders” XR project with the Utrecht Theater in the Netherlands, participated in the XR2C2 laboratory at the Université Côte d’Azur in Cannes, and the “尋山” XR experience of the Bare Feet Dance Theatre. He has participated in the Taichung Opera House, the Lacking Sound Fest and served as the image design for the National Theater & National Concert Hall and the Taipei Art Festival.

Memory-expanding Space

Since 2016 onward, I have started focusing on using digital photography and modeling for the configuration of space that used to exist or only exists in one’s imagination. The approach allows me to reconstruct the evolving relations between past and present, imagination and reality as well as people and their inhabiting environment. I launched “The Modernological Project of Immersive Elapsing Images” in 2018 to analyze and test the possibility of converting and representing graphic sequences in past motion images as volume and structure. This attempt explores the dialogue between image and space, how routes in past space merge with memory, and physical movement while analyzing the potentiality of representing and re-experiencing the spaces and scenes in various movies.


2012  -  2016  Taipei National University of the Arts Department of New Media Art (Master of Fine Art)

2008 -  2012  Shih Chien University Communications Design 3D Animation(Bachelor of Design)


2019 Numeri-Scope Project from Grand Paris Express

2019 International Cultural Exchange Grants from National Culture and Arts Foundation

2018 Creators Invent & Research Project from Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab

2018 International Cultural Exchange Grants from National Culture and Arts Foundation

2018 MORPHOS Digital Dome Artist in Residence


2024 XR2C2 Lab @ Université Côte d'Azur, Cannes France

2022 AIR @ Le Lieu Unique, Nantes France

2021 Innovation:Lab @ Utrecht Theater, Utrecht Netherlands

2020 Artist In Residency @ Industrial Technology Research Institute, Hsinchu Taiwan

2019  360° Gallery @ Fundacji Photon, Krakow Poland

2019  Lumière et poussière dans les chambres project @ The Récollets-Paris, Paris France

2019  Numeri-Scope Project @ Le Centquatre-Paris, Paris France

2018  Creators Invent & Research Project @ Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab, Taipei Taiwan

2018  MORPHOS Digital Dome Artist-in-Residence @ Denver Arts + Technology Advancement, Colorado USA


2018 The Knight of Illumination Awards, THE PRG AWARD FOR PROJECTION DESIGN

with CHOU Tung-Yen, SUN Yu-Ning, LIOU Jie, LEE Kuo-Han, YANG Chian-Yun & Very Mainstream Studio

Solo Exhibition

2019 The Light and Dust / National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts / Taichung Taiwan

Group Exhibition

2023 Treasure Hill Light Festival / Taipei Arts Village / Taipei Taiwan

2021 Art Traveler @ Soochow XR Festival, Taipei Taiwan

2019 MASHUP all the CREATORS / Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab / Taipei Taiwan

2019 Mercurial Boundaries / Museum of National Taipei University of Education / Taipei Taiwan

2018 From Dust and Light / The Lincoln Center /  Colorado U.S.A

2017 Breath-Counting Project / liáu liáu Art Space / Taipei Taiwan

2016 ARTasty / YIRI ARTS Taipei Space / Taipei Taiwan

2016 Coexist Exhibition / Nanhai Gallery / Taipei Taiwan

2016 A Beautiful Mistake? / National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts / Taichung Taiwan

2014 TransN / Fuzhong15 / New Taipei Taiwan

2010 Experimental Media Art Festival in Taiwan / Guling Street Avant-Garde Theatre / Taipei Taiwan


2023 AIR / National Chengchi University / Taipei Taiwan

2022 Yuejin Lantern Festival / Tainan Taiwan

2018 Audiovisual Return - 「Back to the Cave」: an Allegory of the Future / Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab

2014 Lacking Sound Festival Listen 89 / Digital Art Center / Taipei Taiwan

2013 On-Site / Taipei Artist Village / Taipei Taiwan


2024 Pursuing the Light Ahead-Into PAUL CHIANG / National Taichung Theater / Taichung Taiwan

2023 NTT-TIFA Artists in Residence CHANG Po-Chieh Relight + NOBODY / National Taichung Theater / Taichung Taiwan

2023 Souvenirs Entomologiques : Playing Dead / Grassing Theatre / Experimental Theater / Taipei Taiwan

2023 Mali Bucha / Kornkarn Rungsawang / Kinosaki International Arts Center / Kinosaki Japan

2023 Queerish Dream Immersive Production / Co-coism / Taiwan Traditional Theatre Center / Taipei Taiwan

2022 NTT-TIFA Artists in Residence CHENG I-lly Qualia / National Taichung Theater / Taichung Taiwan

2022 You Have No Time Rakugo Theatre / Grassing Theatre / Taiwan Traditional Theatre Center / Taipei Taiwan

2022 1+1000 Nights / Dua shin te Production / Wellspring Theater / Taipei Taiwan

2020 Artists in Residence SuWenChi / Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center / New York USA

2018 The First Time I Walked on the Moon / BeSeTo Festival / The Asia Culture Center / Gwangju South Korea

2018 Chronicle of Light Year / ERROR - The Art of Imperfection / Ars Electronica / Linz Austria

2018 The First Time I Walked on the Moon / 2018 TIFA / Experimental Theatre / Taipei Taiwan

2017 FORMOSA by Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan / 2017 Dancing in autumn / National Theater / Taipei Taiwan

2016 Teatime with me, myself and I / Festival Bains numériques #9 / Enghien-les-Bains / Paris France

2016 Teatime with me, myself and I / Click Festival / Kulturværftet / Helsingør Denmark

2016 Ghoust Lecture#2 / Taipei Biennial / Kishu An Forest of Literature / Taipei Taiwan

2016 Still Life / Taipei Festival / Wellspring Theater / Taipei Taiwan

2016 Taipei Copenhagen / Quanta Arts Foundation / Quanta Hall / Taoyuan Taiwan

2016 Taipei Copenhagen / Click Festival / Kulturværftet / Helsingør Denmark

2015 Dreaming David Lynch / Riverbed / Experimental Theater / Taipei Taiwan

2015 Teatime with me, myself and I / Liangan Theatre Festival / Nine Theater / Beijing China

2014 Hänsel und Gretel / Opera Studio / Experimental Theater / Taipei Taiwan

2013 Fall for Eileen Chang / Taiwan International Festival of Arts / National Theater / Taipei Taiwan

2013 Let's Sense Light Tainan 《Light of Temple》/ Coretronic Culture and Arts Foundation Wind God Temple / Tainan Taiwan

2013 About Living / Shu-Yi & Dancers / Wellspring Theater / Taipei Taiwan

2012 Tour with Taiwanese Folksongs / Chiuko Traditional Orchestra / Chiayi Taiwan

2011 Spring Banquet/Ministry of Foreign Affairs / Grand Hotel / Taipei Taiwan

2010 Electronic City / Eslite Reading Drama / Eslite / Taipei Taiwan

2010 Universe in Our Ears / Eslite Reading Drama / Taipei Taiwan