Dust is a video project with Photogrammetry as its starting point. I entered an old house that was due for destruction, I walked through the space while recording images with a first-person perspective. Afterwards I restructured from motion the disappearing scenes and transformed them into 3D models. I rearranged the old and disappearing space into a new world through 3D animation software. "Here existed" and "There existed" are the two main ideas of creation. The non-real objects of representation that was created became the beginning of a new reality.



5.1 Surround sound
Special Thank to Downtown Artery in Fort Collins

Produced at 2018 MORPHOS Dome Artist-in-Residence program held at Fort Collins Museum of Discovery

Concept & Theme

"He-Guang-Tong-Chen" (Floating dust with light) comes from "Lao Tzu." Chapter 4 :"Erode its sharpness, dispel its disturbance, blend with light, fuse with dust." The original meaning is to be humble and to become one with clamor and vulgarity. I’m standing in a space, quietly observing the paths available. The scale of the building blends in memories, traces of life float in the room like dust with light. Can I revisit after it has disappeared?

Analyzing space is a way of mastering emotional memory, for memory cannot be effectively arranged into a series of sequential time axis. The teaching of space poetics refers to the method of "spatializing" memories, through the retrospect of past unforgettable events, such as the familiar humidity of the wood floor or the experience of oblique light entering the window each afternoon, we can rethink the background of the memories through the establishment of an external environment. Even though the windows or the floor ceased to exist, but that past experience will always exist in the heart, refusing to leave. Therefore, the more unforgettable the event, the more obvious the spatialization can help us return to the scene at that moment in time.
I’ve already tried to scan 3D spaces to point cloud files in Taiwan. Most of these places are in relation to my family, life experiences and childhood memories. After recording the sequence photos the image will be transformed into 3D models, then the contents of timeline and the transition of several scenes will be scheduled. After deciding the model’s texture floating point clouds would be animated. Through this residency the visual elements belonging to Taiwan would be brought to the audience. I’m looking forward to learning fulldome technology with point clouds, the aesthetic potential of visualization in fulldome are extremely exciting to me.


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