In the Digital Age, What Are the Possibilities to Preserve the Memory of a Space?
Lumière et poussière dans les chambres is a video project, created with photogrammetry as a form of image creation, to make historical images essential elements to reconstruct a space of the past. Changes in the city have been continuously reshaping the urbanscape. Is it possible to propose a way of imagination to envision the future by summoning the memory of a place and make the revisiting feel like one is virtually being there? The project is an attempt to document personal stories and local histories, using 3D scanning and immersive digital devices, and it entails importing 1:1 space models into 3D rendering software for the spaces to be re-programmed and constructed to allow the viewers to experience this virtual realm. The project is about preserving, by the use of digital documentation, the spaces and stories that are about to become historical documents.